MANICURING (600 hours)

This program trains students on acrylic nails (pink & white & gel), nail tips, nail wrap, manicure, pedicure, nail design, etc.
Each student is provided with a full and high quality toolkit during the learning period. Additionally, a separate toolkit is also provided to the students upon taking the state board exam. The kit also includes a copy of the "MiLady" book.​

ESTHETICS (750 hours)

This program trains the students on the topics of skin care, eyelash extensions, facial mask, facial massage, manual extraction, tweezing, waxing, and production consultation.


This program is an in depth study of esthetics allowing the students to do laser hair removal, work with chemicals, and micro needles. Students must complete an esthetics course before obtaining a master esthetics.

COSMETOLOGY (1600 hours)

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INSTRUCTOR (500 hours)

For this program, prospective instructors will learn and practice managing a classroom and training students. Further training includes record keeping and classroom social skills that effectively improves your teaching skills. Being an instructor is the highest honor a person can earn in the field.

HAIR DESIGN (1400 hours)

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BARBERING (1000 hours)

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